Spiritual, inspired, living, not deceased or missing beings, equipped with all rights of the creation since their origin in the womb which call themselves mankind,

- are the sole juridical legal bearers, such as well the legal bearers of the natural evolution of the creation in all areas of their respective native country which settle and inhabit this, their land surfaces, and earth as a whole since thousands of years,

- united in the Alliance Earth and as sole legal bearers of their nations, have themselves established the now valid constitution of men and the designation for their territorial and land surfaces,

- in their endeavor of the perception of own responsibility, the liberty, the humanity, the independence and the peace openly towards and together with all people of this earth,

- to live their diversity in the will of mutual thoughtfulness and esteem, in the awareness of the common achievements and the liability compared with the past and all future generations,

- with the knowledge this is only free who preserves his liberty and the strength of the nation, like all people of this earth, to itself always misses in the welfare of each individual which satisfaction and love everybody will experience and find,

- with the experience of generations that never be a juridical right about the born beings can stand, not subjugate it, not restrict it in their action and thinking may influence,

- commissioned with the receipt of the creation against any other kind of religion and fanaticism, anyhow in the knowledge about the meaning of a meaningfulness for living together of thinking and feeling beings,

- in deep aspiration for protection and receipt of their living space to have an effect the complete earth, whose right one's own stock and life in every manner and for all living beings which it originate,

have proclaimed this principle constitution as their common agreement among themselves and between themselves, given by their highest, human oath and have transfered into the binding and about all other rights as well as legal system.

Thought up and written down by people from the German territories, for mankind, for the planet earth, for peace, justice and receipt of our common treasures of this planet.

October, 26, 2016 - germany