Constitution / manifesto



constitution / manifesto

The spiritual, inspired, living, not deceased, or missing beings, endowed with all the rights of creation since their birth in the womb, which call themselves humanity, 

-      are the sole legal entities, and furthermore, the bearers of rights of the natural evolution of creation in all territories of their respective homelands, who, for thousands of years colonize and inhabit these, their land areas, like the entire earth,

-      united in the alliance of earth, and as the sole bearers of rights of their peoples, have themselves determined the constitution of the people, and the designation of their territories and land areas which are valid from now on, 

-      in their endeavor to exercise their own responsibility, to strengthen  freedom, humanity, independence and peace open-minded towards and together with all the people of the earth 

-     to live in the will of their mutual consideration and respect of their diversity, in the awareness of the common achievements and the commitment to the past and all future generations,

-      with the knowledge that free is only he who preserves his freedom and that the strength of a people, like all men of this earth, is always measured by the well-being of each individual in which everyone will experience and find contentment and love,

-      with the experience of generations, that a juristic law can never stand above the born beings, not subjecting them to, not limiting or restricting them, not influencing their actions and thinking,

-     charged with preserving creation against any other kind of religion and fanaticism, nevertheless, in the knowledge of the meaning of a meaningfulness for the coexistence of thinking and feeling beings,

-     to work in the deep endeavor to protect and preserve their habitat, the entire earth, their right to one's own existence and life in every way and for all the living beings that it produces,

-     have put  this fundamental constitution, acting as their common agreement among and between themselves, given by their highest, human oath, proclaimed and in the binding and above all other rights and legal systems, into effective position (state).

-     Conceived and written down by the people of the German regions, for humanity, for the earth, for peace, justice and the preservation of our common treasures of this planet.

October 26, 2016 - Germany

Agreements on the Constitution

The legal form of Allianz Earth is according to the rules of the currently existing legal world, to be classified as a federation of states, a so-called confederation of individual nations.

The respective peoples and tribes, as well as their states, which they shape according to their own rules, remain sovereign federal states, thus member states of alliance earth.

These sovereign individual states affirm the principles of the common constitution and, moreover, undertake not to enact any agreements in their own territories which are capable of contradicting this constitution, of removing components (elements), circumventing or altering their effect.

They give the confederation and the representatives of this confederation powers, which they reconcile with each other and which serve the good of all people.

He is the representative of the people of each state to preserve their agreements and decisions for the benefit of all people and to pay attention to their compliance.


Hereby it is stated for all time:

- Alliance Earth is a federation of states and does not have its own people, its own territory or its own right to use force

- the legal mask of the person, the bourgeois death, in whatever form, does not take place in the alliance earth

- Alliance Earth is made up of sovereign states and free people professing themselves to Alliance Earth

- the application of canon law  (the ecclesiastical law) is prohibited in all areas and against each individual

- Amendments to the Constitution and this Agreement are possible only insofar as they serve all people


The scope of the Constitution and these agreements is ...

- in each sovereign state, which belongs to the Alliance and has declared the constitution valid binding and legally effective on its territory ...

- for every single person who joins the protection of the Alliance and thus the Constitution and the agreements through its declaration.


The people of the Federal State of Germany hereby declare on behalf of every single, sovereign and free person belonging to this Federal State of Germany to recognize the agreements and the Constitution of Alliance Earth, to support, preserve and defend the values and the common task.

Federal State of Germany
in the legal status of the Constitutional Convention
Dec. 27, 2016