The situation of the world


Europeans, neighbors and friends


this message is from humans of the constitutional gathering from Germany and is addressed to all humans in Europa and the whole world


through the actual situation in Germany the complete mankind is enslaved.


1990 all humans of the earth had been cheated.the re-union of the federal republic of Germany and German Democratic Republic on 3 October 1990, has been juristical never been done.the federal republic of Germany today, is an us-American company.


we explain the circumstances.


there is no state called Federal Republic of Germany and that wasn't untill 4 April 2016.


since we, the constitutional gathering have founded and created the subject of international law called Federal state of Germany on this fourth of April 2016.


in the following lines it will be explained why all contracts and agreements with other countries and states, the European union or others, international institutions, which the so-called Federal Republic of Germany, since the 18 of July 1990, has made are unguilty without exclusion.


these contracts/agreements are without any foundation in law.


through this cheat also all other countries, owners and investors are robbed plundered and destroyed on behalf by the so-called company United states of America through the federal so-called Republic of Germany.


Greek is the best known and worsest example for this.


Man in Germany by itself as all other people in Europe will loose, just the same as in Greek all. Their identity, culture posessment and even the right on their own land.


The European union has been installed by the elites, which want th NWO NewWorldOrder. They don't have any basis by law.there are not acting any elected persons only lobbyists of banks and economic concerns.it is an not legitimated gathering of companies that act like as they are states by law.such a construct named as Europa destroys cultures and nations and will steal any property of mankind.


the federal Republic in Germany is the engine of this development in Europa because their government are not delegated from the German people but from the elites of this world.


all elections in the Federal Republic of Germany, since 1956 are invalid


as Federal constitutional court - judgment of 25. July 2012 said


not only many Germans dont know about this even the other Europeans are cheated.


Part one the legal facts


On 17 July 1990 the construct under occupation so-called federal Republic of Germany


initiated on 23th of may 1949 by deletion of its spatial scope-article 23 so called basic law of 1949 has been repealed without replacement.


With the entry of the days of the turn of the 17. July 1990 to 18. July 1990, 0.01 PM, the occupation organ of the Federal Republic of Germany and its basic law, like all other military commands are, for example, all the länder of the crew institution of the Federal Republic of Germany, de jure extinguished. Legal effect this deletion has on 29. July 1990 - see: Federal law GAZETTE II, page 885/890, of 23. In September 1990, effective June 29. In September, 1990.

Law reference: judgment of the company's Federal constitutional court, BverfGE 3, 288 (319f):6, 309 (338,363) "laws without scope have no validity and legal force". Other, equally important decisions of the high courts.

On this 17. In July 1990, the four allied forces took from the peoples, and thus the occupation laws in the Form of the Hague regulations on land warfare, gave Germany in the borders of 31. December 1937 completely free, and withdrawn at the same time all the German actors, their positions and certain positions. The Germans were now asked to build their state.


In the result of the above-mentioned deletion of the old FRG of 1949 with the UN code of Country of 280, as well as the GDR was held at the UN on behalf of the former allied with the UN country code number 278. New the shared area has been registered in the limits of 31. In December of 1937 under the same name from the proclamations and crew papers of 1945, Germany/Germany under the new UN country code 276. Something else was also free. The Federal Republic of Germany and the German democratic Republic, are legally null and void.


The government at that time, Dr. Helmut Kohl, like all the other so-called officers of the old Federal Republic of Germany, in the Federal and all military commands of the "länder", lost the basis of their law and thus, their Offices, every decision and every function. You were asked in your new Position as a normal German citizen and like any other German entitled by descent, the rule of law of Germany, a constituent Assembly, to restore. This meeting was under the chairmanship of Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble started, after a short time, however, inconclusive and without notice dissolved.


The Association with the second Occupation of Germany, German democratic Republic, to the 03. In October 1990, has taken place legally, de jure and de facto, at any time. The new länder of the former German Democratic Republic on 03. October 1990, at 17. July 1990-painted the basic law, article 23, joined, although these new Federal States on the 14. October 1990-founded. A judgment of the corporate social court of Berlin from the years 1991, as a judgment of the companies - the Federal constitutional court in the following months, confirmed the invalidity of the agreement contract and, therefore, the previously alleged reunification.


The business of becoming one of the "United economic area Federal Republic of Germany of 1990", consisting of the territories of the old Federal Republic of Germany of 1949, and the territory of the German Democratic Republic, began on the 29. In August 1990, with the establishment of the "Federal Republic of Germany Finance Agency GmbH", Frankfurt/Main, commercial register HRB 51411. Thereafter, the former occupying the medium lost not only their stock, but the consequence of organization Federal Republic of Germany of 1990, any international legal significance. This new Federal Republic of Germany developed into a private-sector consortium of companies, in the only international commercial law and not international or state law, no civil code, etc., can apply.


In violation of international law and contrary to the state legal basis of the reserved rights and the military laws of the allied forces from the reconciliation of the Treaty of 1955 through the Acquisition in the 2 + 4 Treaty of 1990 to today, this consortium of companies from the FRG continue to apply and be allocated to the existing General terms and conditions General terms and conditions.

The commercial law, the contracts cancel each other, remains as a mere statement, without taking into account and/or importance in terms of international law. All the other German areas under foreign administration remained so disregarded in their old Status. Nevertheless, all the territories of the Defeated are still in the limits of 31. December 1937 under international law, free and will of the new Germany, such as the law, policy, ineffective in addition to arrangements of the FRG in accordance with the 18. July 1990, under deception in international legal relations continue to be illegal without any legal basis managed.

Thus, the legal basis of the Constitution results in the imaging Assembly from the 01. November 2014, with the legal status of 17. July 1990, 0.01 PM, for 18. In July 1990, effective November 29. In September 1990, under the terms of article 146 of the original basic law of 23. In may 1949, and under the terms of the Federal law GAZETTE II, page 885/890 from 23.09.1990, legal effect is 29.09.1990.

All of the non-governmental organization "Federal Republic of Germany of 1990", as from the four allied powers since the 18th century. In July 1990, agreements, laws, memberships, and contracts with each other and with third parties for the constituent Assembly and its subsequent state, so long void until later, and authorised, public Bodies or public officials, a different decision made.


The production of state structures and Bodies, such as the development and subsequent establishment of an agreement through free popular elections, will pave the way for the sovereignty of all the German territories and the conclusion of peace declarations. To the relief of the administrative offices by new, on the basis of an agreement used people and public officials, the administrative authorities of the Constitution give the Assembly the political and state business Commissioner.

Part 2. The legal bases for the constitutional Assembly

A) of the basic law. The Federal government and the Länder (art. 20 - 37) of the basic law

Article 25

"The General rules of international law are an integral part of Federal law. Follow the laws and directly create rights and duties for the inhabitants of the Federal territory".

Meaning: A constitutional Convention is international law. International law is about the Federal government and for the Federal Republic of Germany and their inhabitants superior to mandatory. Thus, the constitutional Assembly is about Federal law and all the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany to give the legal status of the constitutional Assembly in their validity.

B) The constituent Assembly from the 01. November 2014 is hereby set up by its members, the Legal entity of the legal subject's "overall state of the German Federal States," temporarily in this state for the construction of a new, joint state under the designation Germany / Germany, consisting of the existing 26 sovereign States, in international law as subjects of rights and claims without a time limit, and, in particular, more explanation then the sole sovereign of the applicable UN-code of Country of 276 for Germany/Germany in accordance with ISO 3166-1-alpha-2, registered on the 03. October 1990, of the 17. In July 1990, the shared area in the limits of 31. December 1937, without a legal acknowledgement of the resignation of the claim in respect of the remaining area, Elevator parts of 26 States.

Legal reference: "A new state of its peoples to acquire legal personality independent of its recognition or non-recognition by the mere fact of its occurrence. In the recognition of the underlying finding that the state was created, is only declaratory in nature".

Judgment of the higher administrative court of Münster, judgment of 14.02.1989 (18 A 858/87), NVwZ 1989, 790 (ZaöRV 51 [1991], 191) (p. 310[89/1])

Original source: German law in international legal issues, 1986 - 1993

  1. This constituent Assembly, consisting of the law-makers of all the rights of "natural persons" of the entity that emerged from the 26 Federal States, thus, as a community that the holder of the sole rights of the entity in the evidence of legal consequence for Germany 276, consisting of later on designated areas of the 26 Federal States of the former German Confederation, occurs in the legal situation since 18. July 1990, 0.01 PM, immediately.

Part 3. What a constitutional Convention is the international law?

Legal consequences and legal bases of the constituent Assembly in the state and international law

Constituent Assembly (or with joint-s: the constituent Assembly – widely used, but controversial[1]) is a state law, and politics scientific term. A constituent Assembly is an extraordinary political Institution, and sometimes constitutional Convention called,[2] which temporarily has been furnished and decorated to give a state of a first or a new Constitution. It is – as an expression of the pouvoir constituant in the possession of the constitutional power of the people.

Significant historical examples show that the Constitution, have constituted legislative assemblies, mostly in a revolutionary environment.[3] The first constituent Assembly on German soil took place on may 24. In March of 1525 in upper Swabia, Memmingen instead. Here, the Federal order of the rebellious peasants in the peasants was written in war.

Constitution-making and constitutional elimination

In a constituent Assembly concretized the constituent power of the people. After the democratic legitimacy principle of popular sovereignty, it is in the Possession of the original pouvoir constituant and therefore has a higher rank than the one already adopted a Constitution, elected Legislative Organ of the pouvoir constitué, on the written state of the territory.

"A constituent Assembly has a higher rank than the due to the adopted Constitution, elected representatives of the people. She is a constituant in the possession of the pouvoir. With this particular position is incompatible with that imposed by external restrictions. [...] Their independence in the performance of this order, consists not only in respect of the decision on the content of the future Constitution, but also in terms of the procedure in which the Constitution is drafted.“[4]

Your members may be elected or appointed or in the context of a coup or a Revolution is a self-constitute this. This house oath, a key event happened, for example, in the Ball at the start of the French Revolution: the members of the national Assembly declared in a revolutionary act of the constituent Assembly, which eventually transformed as a constituent of the absolutist France into a constitutional monarchy:

"Thomas Paine, the great Propagandist of the French Revolution, compared the American Revolution with that fixed point, after the once Archimedes had sought to lift the world out of its hinges. The American Revolution has carried out the Nation as the constituent power’ and the gate to the age of democratic or Atlantic Revolution pushed.“

– Bruno Schoch: All the Power emanates from the people. But who is the people?[5][6]

So the meta is there anything legal concept of the Constitution, power to give a certain amount of paradox, which makes him, according to Martin Heckel[7] – for the lawyers so difficult to understand:

"The constituent power is out of standards, not be derived, but contains a standard decision-making, and creates standards. It is the fruit of a historic moment, but Constance claims beyond the moment. [...] They demanded inviolability, though she comes from the breakdown of the current constitutional law and to current constitutional order in a state of upheaval may sweep. It manifests itself in the often violent eruptive Revolution of the people, obliged but then, by virtue of his constitutional power to give the written organs of the state, the strict enforcement of the Constitution against any revolution attempt, a coup and violation of the Constitution – as long as it [the people] shall bear the Constitution.“

A constituent Assembly is only temporary, for a limited time. Your order is limited to representational. She is only called to create the Constitution of the state and the laws that are necessary so that the state can act through its constitutional institutions to be effective and work. With the promulgation of a Constitution for the new-written state violence arises as a () of derived will of the people, the new pouvoir constitué. The constituent Assembly has done its work and is dissolved after the elections to the new legislature. By the date of entry into force of the Constitution, the newly constituted state violence is bound to this new Constitution.

Limits of sovereignty

According to the principle of popular sovereignty, a Constitution would be a constituent Assembly of the specifications of the reigning forces of the State to be more independent and not to rules of an existing Constitution bound. Since she was a constituant in the possession of the original pouvoir, could you impose on yourself substantive and procedural barriers:

"Un peuple a toujours le droit de revoir, de réformer et de changer sa Constitution. Une génération ne peut assujettir à ses lois les générations futures."

"A people has always the right to review its Constitution to reform and to change. A Generation can not throw future generations to its laws.“[8]

A legal-philosophical view says that the people's sovereignty in the exercise of the pouvoir constituant are very well-limits. The constituent Assembly was bound to überpositiven principles of law, including General principles of law and, in particular, the universal human rights. These General principles of law preceded as a law of nature or reason of law the will of the people and the positive, set right. In the above-cited judgment of the Federal constitutional court of 23. In October 1951, it is stated:

"A constitutional Convention is only bound by any written law ahead überpositiven principles of law [...]. In the rest of you is, in essence, independent. You can impose only even barriers.“[9]

The Austrian constitutional lawyer Peter Pernthaler stresses in this natural law context, the importance of the preambles of modern constitutions. In religious or secularized formulas, such as the invocatio Dei ("invocation of God"), written for a "transcendence respect the constituent power of the people" law, which have the function, this limits the sovereignty of a people be clear:

"Not in these formulas, but in the presupposed limitation of the popular sovereignty through human rights, accountability of state power and other überpositive principles of law, the democratic Constitutional limit, the meaning of the Transcendence nature of the modern state Constitution: According to the experience plebiszitär supplies offices of totalitarian state violence in dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, the basic idea of the constitutional state, the constituent power of the people does not unbridled violence of the state over people, a particularly important Element of the freedom of the rule of law of this order.“[10]

The opposite legal positivist Position has been formulated by Hans Kelsen, a constitutional court judge and principal author of the Austrian Constitution of 1920 as follows:

"The question that aims to the natural law, is the eternal question, what is behind the überpositiven right". And who is looking for the answer, not, I fear the absolute truth of metaphysics nor the absolute justice of natural law. Who lifts the veil, and his eye is not contrary to closes, staring at the Gorgon head of Power.“[11]

Part 4. Right to self-determination of peoples

Independence referendum in South Sudan 2011

The right to self-determination of peoples is one of the fundamental rights of international law. It States that a nation has the right to decide freely on its political Status, its state and form of government, and its economic, social and cultural development. This includes its freedom from foreign rule. This right to self-determination allows a people to form a Nation and a national state, or in a free to connect decision-making to another state.[1]

Today, the right to self-determination of peoples is universally recognized as a customary law applicable Norm of international law. The right character is also, by article 1, paragraph 2, of the UN Charter, the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights (ICCPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural rights (ICESCR), both from the 19th century. December 1966, international Treaty is legally recognized. Thus, it is considered to be universally valid.


Right set to the creation of a legal entity, i.e. a state:

"The international legal subject, there was, and is, through his legitimate, natural right of persons, and those in the right sequence, which, in turn, their inalienable and indissoluble rights from the international law subject"

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