By the way, a swastika created with Hebrew letters as a mystical symbol is immortalized in the Jewish Kabbalah, in the work "Parashat Eliezer".

The fact that the Jews were in contact with Jesus / Baldur is already proven by the symbols of the Nordic Jesus (Esus), the swastika, still preserved today in Judaism. The swastika, which is thousands of years older than the bible story about Jesus, is used not only in the Jewish Kabbalah, but also even today maintained in synagogues in Israel as a floor mosaic, such as in the synagogue of Mao z-Haim. The Jewish Kabbalists know very well what the biblical narratives are supposed to mean, which they cold-blooded impose and expect of us Christians to believe word for word.

The swastika was also prevalent in the early Christian church. Often a swastika was found on the crucifix. Even the tiara of the pope (Pope's crown) was decorated with a swastika (still in the year 800). Well documented in the book "Atlantis, Edda and Bible".

Another phenomenon that is hushed up are the so-called Beastmen, who actually existed, and who had nothing to do with the Neanderthals, with the so-called early humans from Africa, nor with Homo Sapiens.

"An Erlangen theology professor showed photos of Mischwesen (Udumi) (Hybrids). He said: "There are Assyrian depictions of 'udumu beings'! Photo of an Assyrian relief, in the British Museum. "The peculiar being ", explains the professor," is a 'udumu', a hybrid of animals and humans".The text from this scientific magazine of the year 1907 says: "The udumi have really existed, have really looked like they are handed down to us on the monuments". Other black and white photos, which also come from the "journal" of 1907, show a strange creature that does not occur in the animal kingdom! In front of the man strides, like a human walking on his hind legs, a mixed creature of man and beast. The elephant is depicted in a photo-realistic way, from the tip of the tail to the trunk and the  tusks of the stately animal. Camels on the Victory Column are also very  lifelike. So whoever created the mysterious relief with the 'Mischwesen' (hybrid being), could very well represent nature precisely and realistically. One may therefore conclude that these strange hybrid beings did exist. «

The so-called science, which of course is also chained, goes round in circles. When they make new discoveries, in the end the findings will be so screwed up again that everything amounts to the evolution theory or creation-bogus anew.

Few dare to break out of the lying cartel. It was first the Swiss explorer Erich von Däniken, who portrayed the genesis of man as a pioneering product of extraterrestrial visitors. With very good reasons. Later, the English religious researcher Alan Alford followed him on this line. Alford, however, was filed with a $ 50 million lawsuit by Israeli author Zecharia Sitchin. Shortly thereafter, Alford dismissed his research findings as saying that Yahweh was an alien criminal who bred a special breed of subjects to fight the Aryan "god of light" Marduk.  

What unites these unorthodox researchers is the fact that they are largely based on deciphered texts from the Bible, Sumerian, Egyptian as well as Aztec tablets and papyrus scrolls.

Hermann Wieland explains the findings i.a. (inter alia) like this:

"This rite (cult) became for the great ignorant crowd the actual religion, for the knowers (initiates, adepts, hierophants) only the outer shell for the intrusted to them, through thousands of years inherited Aryan secrets and knowledge. The people saw in this cult the essence of religion, for the knowers that was only their outer appearance. So there was an outward (exoteric) religion for the great mass, a secret (esoteric) for the initiates. To this belonged the sages of all ancient Aryan civilized peoples. This explains why the teachings of the ancient Aryan culture bearers were the same everywhere and their cult as well was similar throughout the world, so that the conquerors of Mexico in 1520 naturally had to find a similuar Catholic cult there. However, in order not to let the high Aryan spiritual goods fall into the hands of the mob, it was not handed down verbatim in the ancient scriptures, but in fables and parables, allegories and presented in words whose real meaning was understood only by the initiates. Whoever owns the key to this ancient Aryan secret writing (cipher), can understand the actual very profound content of those ancient Aryan scriptures very well. Those who do not own it see in them only ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd stuff, fables and childish fairy tales. Anyone who knows the secret language of the initiates of the ancient civilized peoples and compares the content of those ancient Aryan writings with the Bible, sees to his great surprise that the Bible, apart from forgeries and ingredients, is nothing but an extract and a part of those ancient Aryan ciphers and that it contains a wealth of Aryan-Atlantean wisdom. The Catholic theologian dr. Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels has provided irrefutable proof of this and laid it down in a long series of publications. "

One of the great thinkers and pioneers in this area, long before Alford, Däniken and Sitchin was namely Karl Weinländer (alias Hermann Wieland, former university teacher from the German Alsace). After the First World War, when the Alsatians suddenly had to live in enemy territory, Weinländer published for security reasons under several pseudonyms, among others under the name Hermann Wieland. Under this name appeared his most famous book, which today still occupies a high place in the esoteric-scientific area worldwide: "Atlantis, Edda and Bible".

Wieland, using Bible and Edda texts and archaeological finds, proves that the Aryans had settled in every corner of the world at least 200,000 years ago.

The latest research confirms these facts, which was not the case at Wieland's time. In 1994, for example, an old Paleolithic site was discovered in the brown coal mining facility in Schöningen near Helmstedt, where several wooden javelins were preserved together with stone tools, giving us completely new insights into the development and culture of early humans about 400,000 years ago. The spears are - except for one - made of young spruce trees. Only one is made of pine wood.Most spears are over two meters (6.7ft) long and up to 6 cm (2.4 in) in diameter. The center of gravity is at the point of greatest thickness and is close to the top. And in England they recently found

"Europe's oldest footprints. A family leaves its footprints in the mud of the Thames. These prints are now coming to light after almost a million years. "[14]

Wieland first refers to the tradition of Plato, who described in detail the mythical, Aryan island kingdom of Atlantis. After all, around 9600 BC , Atlantis had perished as a result of a natural disaster within "a single day and an unfortunate night". Believe it or not, in any case, Atlantis plays a key role in high-profile geologists around the world. The American geologist and Atlantis researcher, Dr. Floyd McCoy said to ZDF (German public broadcaster) in connection with Plato's tradition:

"And such a narrative you do not make up or invent. It must have gone back to a tremendous catastrophe, that it remained in the memory of the people for millennia. "[15]

Wieland describes how through a galactic catastrophe this new continent was created, which became the most important Aryan colony. Thereafter, a huge maritime trade developed on this happy continent linking Atlantis with both the American and European continents. In the tablets of the Aztecs and Incas, as well as the Indians of North America, corresponding evidence can be found.

The author finds after deciphering the Bible texts and the Aryan-Indian-Persian writings sufficient evidence about the disaster of about 11,500 years ago, when Atlantis sank into the sea again. He mentions i.a. (inter alia) the great German researcher Alexander von Humboldt, who also found evidence about it in Central America.

According to Wieland, Atlantis also went under, because in the course of time the Ariertum (Aryanism) was mixed and thus the strength to preserve the radiant continent was no longer present. Wieland packs the doomsday battle allegorical into Germanic mythology, letting Odin, Baldur and the Ases fight against the adversaries of humanity, symbolized by Loki and the Midgard Serpent, on Atlantis. Anyone who reads Wieland's description of the sinking of Aryan Atlantis recognizes abundantly clear today's multi-cultural signs of demise.

According to Wieland, the Jews stole the ancient Aryan world knowledge scriptures and used it to create their (encrypted) Bible and prophetic books. Other parts they have used falsified in their "sacred" texts. The Jews are a vagabond, gypsy-like people, says Wieland. Since time immemorial, they have since tried to withheld the necessary knowledge of life from all others - with wars and world wars.

Today, the humanities scholar (humanist) Wieland is officially confirmed even in the core areas of his research:

"Many experts derive the term Hebrew from 'hapiru' - which means something like 'vagabond'. ... The Old Testament, a web of legends. ... As a fairy tale and monumental camouflage - that is how the word of God stands by now. ... A group of counterfeiters, 'Deuteronomists', invented the story of the Promised Land in the manner of a Hollywood script. ... Even from deception, fraud and forged documents the Zion-priests did not shy away."

The then  widely known professor of theology, Adolf von Harnack, tells the  historical fact in his work on the Greek "Marcion" that the early  Christian Marcion refused to recognize the Jewish law book as the work  of God, because Jesus brands the Jews in the Gospel of John as children  of the devil. Marcion testified in 144 AD in the first Roman Synod  before the assembled presbyters, that immediately after Christ's death

 "a  great conspiracy against the truth was instantly put into action and  with overwhelming success enforced their intentions."

In the New Testament, in the Gospels, according to Wieland, are ancient Germanic wisdoms, which were then partially forged by the Jews, but their knowledge-extract was used by them themselves. In this context, Wieland proves these forgeries very drastically with an example. The Arian Allfather was enthroned above all else, and he did not want people to make an image of him for themselves. The Aryan Egypt, which took over the divine world from the north, proves this fact in the traditional scriptures.

In connection with the name of the Aryan "All-father", he said without naming his name: "I am who I am". This testament of the Aryan "All-father" was later also introduced by the Egyptian priesthood in their religious writings - and even later stolen by the Jews. Moses allegedly asked God on Mount Sinai what name of God he should name for the Israelites as principles, and was supposedly given the answer, "I am who I am" (, ehyeh, aʃer, ehyeh).

Henceforth, the cribbed Jewgod derived from JHWH (YHWH), called Jahwe (Yahwe). The abbreviation JHWH (YHWH) goes back to the closely related Hebrew verbs "hwh" (be) and "hjh" (being there). Moses however, was born 1593 BC, thus 2000 years later then the Egyptian divine name for the All-father was attested with "I am who I am". Thus, it is proven that the Jews stole the Aryan scriptures and used them for their purposes.

The Church of Rome demands of us to regard Jewish literature thieves, forgers and fraudsters as "chosen, holy people of God", Wieland argues. And that, although even the Noah story of the deluge is stolen. Today Wieland has been officially confirmed with this research findings. On cuneiform tablets from ruins in today's Iraq, the stories of King Gilgamesh have been preserved. The German assyriologist (expert in ancient orientalism) Stefan M. Maul commented:

"When one discovered almost 150 years ago that Noah and the Flood are much older than the Bible, it was a world sensation. The stories of the king of Uruk named Gilgamesh are in fact one of the oldest literary materials known to us. ... In the afterlife, he finally meets the only human who has escaped death, Uta-napischti, the Noah of the biblical Deluge narrative. "[19]

But the central secret of the world, according to Wieland, is racial secrecy. When the persecution of the Aryans on Atlantis began and the Aryan-Atlantean scholars were killed or expelled by the churlish-racial mob, they kept their knowledge secret and only shared it with those Aryans who they considered worthy of being their students and confidants of Aryan wisdom.

A veil of mysteries should be thrown over historical, scientific, and religious knowledge so that they would not be desecrated by unworthy ones. Apparently, the terrible events on Atlantis had taught the Aryans that it would be tantamount to suicide if they continued to equip their enemies with knowledge which would be used by them only as weapons in the battle of annihilation against the Aryans.

But these knowledges eventually came after all into the hands of the Jewish priests, who then raised the Aryan intermingling to the highest law of Judaism. And Wieland has a crown witness for that, there can hardly be a better one. The former Jewish Prime Minister of Great Britain, Benjamin Disraeli (1874 to 1880). Disraeli tells Tancered through his "mysterious and powerful" Jewish superman Sidona in the final part of his trilogy "Young England":


"Everything is race, there is no other truth". 

Wieland writes:


"Into a time of deepest humiliation fell now a series of publications in the field of race science and prehistory, which let the dishonored, maltreated, to 'pigs' and hideous 'barbarians' stamped people recognize that the decried and defiled Germans are the first and only civilized (cultural) people in the world and that by unbelievable falsifications of history a veil was drawn before its glorious pre-history, so that it could not recognize itself and its value and meaning, and willingly tolerates the exploitation by a counterfeiters and fraudsters society. But those who deal with the old Germanic myths, will soon realize that the Judea-Christians have stolen our fundamental livelihoods and worldly wisdoms! The Bible rests on an Aryan-Germanic basis. Their most valuable parts have been forged by Jewish priests so that their people may appear as the "holy, chosen people of God," gaining world domination by this hoax, and will not be hindered in the achievement of that goal by the misguided Aryanism. The Gospels, on the other hand, are so completely an expression of the Aryan spirit and Aryan religious sentiment that they are in sharpest contrast to Judaism and have always been rejected by it. Hebraic and originating from the Atlantean paganism are the Mosaic blood laws and human sacrifices. "

While some things may seem far-fetched in Wieland's book, may also some errors (confusions) be included, may he have made several inappropriate wordings in racial things, may the weighting of Atlantis not fully apply, thus, the core doctrine of his book remains one of the most fascinating esoteric-scientific research in recent human history. To expand your own horizon, you can not do without this book.