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deadly knowledge

Deadly Knowledge
April 17, 2017 from Globalfire

The big genocide in the name of falsehood

The worst lies in our universe are those about our origins and our false religion. The Christian church, or rather the Christian doctrine, namely, did not start from Palestine, but was a primordial creation of the fallen Aryan culture.

It was not too long ago, when it was instilled in (drilled into)? us by the gruesome, inhumane Vatican church, that man was created approximately 4000 years BC. For that is what the Old Testament says, and the Old Testament is given by the Vatican Church as the authentic Word of God. An Old Testament splinter group, the Jehovah's Witnesses, dates the creation of the world exactly to the fall of the year 4025 BC, thus about 6,000 years ago.

"The earth is almost exactly 6000 years old".

The 6000 years of earth age are based on the Jewish calendar, which began almost 6000 years ago. The Christian calendar year 2015 corresponds to the Jewish calendar year 5775. The Bible- and Talmud-Judaism states the creation of the world and all life on earth with the beginning of the Jewish calendar.

The Qur'an of Muslims, assembled by Talmud Judaism, can hardly deny its true origin either, because it has recently become known that a leading Saudi imam teaches that the earth does not turn around the sun. Sheikh Bandar al-Chaibari told Saudi Arabian broadcaster Al-Arabia:

"The earth stands still, it does not move." [1]

The madness of the sheik and creationists is gaining ground again in our increasingly insane world, which is no coincidence, but intentional. Because behind it stands the huge goal, the gigantic diabolical mission: To prevent the knowledge of our origin and the knowledge about the things of the world, and thus thwart our liberation from the spiritual yoke.

It is not for nothing that in the Jewish Law (Bible) it is written that everyone who, when eating from the "tree of knowledge", thus becomes an adept and can suddenly assign good and evil correctly, must die.

"Of all the trees of the garden [Eden] you may eat, only of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you must not eat; for in the day that you eat of it, you must die. "(Genesis 2: 16-17)

There is no doubt that this concept hides the dark plan that no one in the non-Jewish world may ever know the secrets of the world, the truth of our origins, and the proper assignment of good and evil.

All the horrors, the profound hatred of humanity, the mission to eradicate and subjugate the non-Jewish world, are enshrined in the Old Testament. Therefore, the common man was once even forbidden to read the "Word of God," the Bible. This ban went down in history as "Bible ban".
Beginning in the 5th century, the laity were advised not to read all the books of the Bible indiscriminately, but above all the New Testament, as the Old Testament could be "more easily misunderstood." At the end of the fifth century, Pope Gelasius I described the reading of the Apocrypha as dangerous for Christians. 1199 banned Innocent III. in a letter to the Bishop of Metz bible-reading in private meetings. At the Synod of the University of Toulouse, Pope Gregory IX. 1229 pronounced a general Bible ban for lay people of this ecclesiastical province. 

Let's not forget that Julius Streicher and Alfred Rosenberg were hanged in Nuremberg by the inquisitors of the Second World Witch War, because in their writings they had made the misanthropic key messages of the Bible and the Talmud public and led people to the knowledge of good and evil.

And so the devil's work took its course. Between 130 and 180, the true Christians, the Marconians, were exterminated by the Vatican (on the orders of the high rabbinate), and the human spirit could be chained. From then on, the extermination of independent thinking raged in unprecedented magnitude.

Just as Sheik Bandar al-Chaibari teaches today that the earth does not revolve, or as the creationists teach that the world is 6,000 years old, It was then taught by the Vatican that the earth was a disk and man has been created about 4000 BC.

Anyone who thought for himself, who with logic and secretly acquired knowledge countered this insanity, landed at the stake. This was the case with Giordano Bruno, who found his cruel ending at the stake on February 17, 1600 at Campo de 'Fiori in Rome after eight years of imprisonment in the dungeons of the Inquisition. The Dominican monk, actually Filippo Bruno, was not only a poet and philosopher, but also an astronomer, through which he came to the realization that the visible stars were suns that were orbited in the "infinite universe and the multiplicity of worlds" of possibly inhabited planets.

In any case, Bruno could no longer officially represent the Vatican lie, the earth was a disc.When he found out that the leading Judaism was behind the machinery of persecution towards the knowers, he explained in his lectures 

"The Jews are such a pestilential, leprous and homicidal race that they deserve to be exterminated before their birth." [2]

Eight years in Vatican, smallest, dark dungeons could not break Bruno, who had fallen to his bones. He shouted to the Vatican heretic court before going to the stake:

"You may impose the judgement with greater fear than I accept it!"

Let us not forget that thousands of years ago, probably century thousands of years ago, we knew the heavenly bodies in the north very well and were able to calculate the orbits of the planets. This knowledge was recorded by the Northmen and stolen by the early-period Jews. In addition Hermann Wieland:

"Jewish biblical history is nothing more than a collection of historical facts from other people and peoples history, processed  in Jewish garment to make the Jews appear as the first and foremost God-given and chosen people of the earth."

While the secrets surrounding the planets and our origins were well preserved by the Jews through the robbery of the ancient scriptures of worldly knowledge, they killed all others who searched for it or came to self-evident realizations in this core area of our existence.

The Sky Disc of Nebra (Saxony-Anhalt) is considered the world's oldest precise sky illustration  and one of the most important archaeological finds from this era about 3600 years ago. For the scientists involved in the scientific investigations, however, it is now clear that this disc did not originally come from the eastern Mediterranean and then found its way to Central Europe.

Thus, the disc is the first preserved image of the cosmos of human history, in fact from the north. The place on the then presumably unwooded mountain was probably already used in the Neolithic, possibly as an observatory. The research is not finished yet. About 20 kilometers from the site is also round, about the 5th millennium BC. Chr. Dated circular grave plant of Goseck, which already shows astronomical knowledge from far older times as is evidenced by the creation of the Nebra Sky Disk.

And with that we come to the actual original lie, the lie about our origin.
At one point every effort is being made to transfer the primeval civilization that came from the north to other parts of the world, to make the Nordic people think they are a monkey product. But why modern man is much older than the African evolutionary man (half-monkey state) and also the monkeys did not evolve, but exist on completely different genetic constructions than the Nordic man, the evolutionists do not explain to us. The truth is, that the White Man is not descended from the monkey's line.