new social system



Agreement - the form of society

In alliance earth there are no rulers and no ruled. There is the principle of cooperation, always based on deep responsibility and reason, which consists of the awareness of comprehensive knowledge, as well as the understanding that no one is less than the other or oneself.


Agreement - our Earth

We have agreed that the Earth is our place of birth and life and that she, just like ourselves, possesses and receives every kind of recognition on her own life. Our task is to protect and care for her so that she continues to provide us with life, food and all the necessities we need. We take from her only what we really need. She is like us and we are like her. We are one.


Agreement - the animals and plants of the earth

All animals and plants are a gift from the earth to all of us. They are not less than us, but they have a task for our life, our spirit and our soul. They strengthen our possibilities and further development, but they also deserve our attention and our guiding care. Without them we cannot exist. Without them we would be lost. Therefore, let us face them with wisdom and respect and not consume them because we are superior. We consult before we sow and reap only the things we really need.


Agreement - how we see ourselves and others

We living, ensouled beings are not all the same. We differ in the color of our skin, temperament, inclinations and traditions. This diversity with its abilities show the power of creation. No one is more than the other. Being different from our neighbor is a precious gift for which we are grateful. We respect one another and do not hurt. But we claim our place as each other can claim theirs. We cooperate, but we do not argue, because every decision we make is according to the wisdom and experience of our ancestors. We learn to preserve and realize their knowledge. We do not challenge others, but only ourselves. We learn, taking wisdom with us on all paths, the content of which we always try to improve. We do not wage wars, because we refuse the absence of intelligence and see only the prosperity of the earth and its life forms, of our neighbor and a loving life of the following generations as our task.


Agreement - living and working together

We are diligent and striving and promote our intellectual abilities. We create the most innovative things and developments in art, culture, technology by striving together. We strive without displacing others. We dedicate ourselves to the common goal and accept the abilities of others. We benefit from the beings to whom we assign certain tasks, because we have determined them there ourselves. We fill our own task with life that we ourselves occupy and do not harbor envy because our task seems lesser than the task of others, since this lesser place does not exist.


Agreement - we organize the community

A circle of the wisest female and male beings, is determined by all others. The circle consists of a total of 9 wise beings. In order to be elected to the highest circle, the 33rd year of life must be completed. These sages remain in their task as long as the community determines it or they leave by their death. There is no time period for their work. A rule for the selection and the insertion and removal of individual members of the circle, is yet to be worked out by the beings of Wenea and will be attached as an addendum to this manifesto. The same applies to the circles in the regions.

Duties: The supreme circle of sages represents the interests of Wenea internally and externally. The sages deliberate on all matters together and make only unanimous decisions that serve the good of all beings. They can intervene if the regional circles fail and this manifest of souls is damaged or infiltrated. They are the first and the last authority in all matters.

This circle is followed by other circles in the regions, as determined by the regions themselves. The number of sages, in the circles of the regions, is identical to the number and rules to the supreme circle.

Tasks: The circles in the regions act like the supreme circle. Their tasks are more related to the region and include passing on questions of principle to the supreme circle. These circles are responsible for resolving issues related to the general welfare of Wenea that arise primarily in the region.


Agreement - we determine our territories

The Circles of the Wise represent all other beings for that area which the beings of Wenea themselves determine.