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Unstoppably we are moving towards a new, a different quality of life and a transformed view of creation. We are realising, that we are the creators of all the worlds we can imagine and permit. What we think, what we feel and what we do, will decide about the present and the future. Many of us are wandering around nowadays, numbed by heavy physical pain, and suffering of the soul and spirit, waiting longingly for the drastic changes towards a more fortunate era. Many are looking for a great event. In full expectation and the knowledge that things cannot go on like this, they do not see; it has already begun. Everybody is on their way, individually. Everybody is starting from a different point of knowledge. Each being has their own pace and also their own necessary development. The dispute for things and rules in the world, trifles of everyday life and the absurd fulfilment of material things, which only represent a poor substitution for actual happiness and satisfaction, still keep us occupied more than is right and necessary. All human beings will nonetheless come to the conclusion that the people on earth will have to manage all things on their own. The time for guidance by the few, who are insane enough to claim they are the right path for all beings on earth, this time is coming to an end. Do not be afraid of your own abilities. Believe in yourselves, believe in us. See who we truly are and look at the immense task which lies before us. Do not mourn old worlds, states and orders, which did not bring any blessings upon mankind when looked at objectively. Behold this path before us, the only path onto our own selves, and walk it. From a specific point of knowledge onward, it will lead to the wisdom - that it was, will be and has always been our united path. the earth our home our lives and our future. We will protect them, like everything that exists and thrives on it. humanity has understood in great detail what it really is and is at this moment with the task to remove the artificial matrix of the elites on this planet. Do not give up. The route is the goal. There is no other goal.



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The people of ae have the legal and natural subjects of law only in temporary use, rejecting the fictitious person in principle as a mask of the human being. They accept the legal instrument person only as a transitional rule. In the new era, it will not be a standard for shaping their lives. We all should deal intensively with the realization of this future, because in a remaining legal world there is no possibility of survival for mankind and therefore for the whole mankind. ae means humanity or cooperation of spiritual beings. It is to serve as a legal form between the legal entities of the earth. It is a consensual agreement between the holders of all legal rights, such as all universal and non-positive rights, which are given to the right holders by their origin in the womb and thus by creation itself. The right holders have agreed with their free will to organize themselves cooperatively and communally within a mutually agreed order, such as within a defined area, the entire earth, and with the achievement of peaceful coexistence that serves to promote the evolutionary development of all the inhabitants of the earth.









Manifesto and constitution of the

United Nation of Human and Earth





The spiritual, ensouled, living, not deceased or lost, since their emergence in the womb endowed with all rights of creation, who call themselves mankind,

- are the sole right-bearers, as well as the right-bearers of the natural evolution of creation in all areas of their respective territories, who for thousands of years have populated and inhabited this, their home, as well as the entire earth,

- united in the assembly of mankind and as sole right-bearers of their peoples, have given themselves the now valid constitution for all peoples,

- in their endeavor to assume their own responsibility for the enhancement of freedom, humanity, independence and peace, openly toward and in common with all the peoples of the earth,

- to live their diversity in a spirit of mutual consideration and respect, conscious of common achievements and of their obligation to past and future generations,

- with the knowledge that only those who preserve their freedom are free, and that the strength of the people, like all the people of this earth, is always measured by the good of each individual, which satisfaction and love everyone will experience and find,

- with the experience of generations that no legal right can ever be above the born being, cannot subjugate it, cannot restrict it, influence it in its actions and thoughts,

- entrusted with the preservation of creation against any other kind of oppressive religion and fanaticism, albeit knowing the importance of a spiritual fulfillment of meaning for the coexistence of thinking and feeling beings

- in the deep endeavor to protect and preserve their habitat, the whole earth, their right to their own existence and life in every way and for all living beings which it produces,

have proclaimed this Constitution as their common agreement among and with one another by their supreme human oath, and have given it binding and effective force above all other rights and legal orders.



Manifesto from "United Nation wenea" (Europe) 

We people of "alliance earth" agree with the contents of the manifesto of "united nation wenea" and adopt the contents unchanged to our constitution.



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